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[This is now a permanent poking place. XD If I've said I'm going to write something and I seem to have forgotten, poke here.]

The List is nearly finished! I just have to complete two more fics there, then four for Kink Bingo, and finally hols. That's all the high-priority stuff.

However! Ever since I made that list, I keep coming across new ideas for fic, and usually it's while I'm talking to someone. If I hear myself say, "Ooh, I want to write that! ...After I finish my List," one more time, I'm going to punch a plot bunny.

So! If you remember hearing me say that, please comment and remind me what the fic idea was, and I'll write a sentence to kick-start things when I write them later. XD

I didn't write any of the ideas down when I had them because having another list would have led to me renouncing my species and becoming the Cocoa Puffs bird. Only pink. So I have vague memories of some, but there are a lot I've forgotten entirely.

Thank you, guys. :)

1. Uchi stays in Kanjani8/NEWS AU
2. Subaru, Takki, and Tsubasa unit AU
3. Subaru/Takki/Tsubasa junior–>present day
4. Baby!verse
5. BV: 10 (or some number) times Yoshi and/or Tsuki walked in on their parents making out
6. Gay AnAn AU
7. Tsubasa's pornographic quest to defeat Takki's nipple complex
8. Soulless Yamapi/SPN
9. T&T's son joins JE
10. This
11. Shige as a member of K8
12. T&T Hanadan mountain inn
13. T&T Spain AU
14. Tsubasa coaches Takki on blowjobs
15. JE Fight Club
16. T&T that dream one (with the visions of AUs)
17. Tsubasa gets his navel pierced with Subaru AU (they just get more and more plot heavy, don't they?)
18. Takki/Tsubasa/Subaru/Yara unit debut AU
19. Jealous!Tsubasa
20. Break-in from RyoPi
21. Samurai handjobs
22. HP Japanese Magic School
23. Takki pursues wrestling to the disappointment of his face and bones
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