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Title: One or Two
Fandom: JE - Tackey & Tsubasa
Pairing/characters: Takki/Tsubasa
Rating: PG
Word Count: 400~
Disclaimer: Total fiction.
Summary: Tsubasa is used to deciphering Hide's succinct messages.
Note: Cheering up fic for [livejournal.com profile] lovespiral. :)

Tsubasa is used to deciphering Hide's succinct messages. Even though Hide seems to feel that their written communication involving work merits sentences, anything personal has always been limited to one or two words at the most. For example, tonight's most recent message, meant to express, "I'm almost home," is condensed to:

From: htakizawa@i.softbank.jp
To: imtsubasa@i.softbank.jp



Tsubasa raises both eyebrows and responds:

From: imtsubasa@i.softbank.jp
To: htakizawa@i.softbank.jp


Smug, he closes his phone and stretches across the bed to put it on the table where his charger is lying. As he's plugging it in he hears the front door unlock and scrambles to get back under the blankets and look convincingly unconscious. A yawn's building in the back of his throat but he tenses his jaw against it. It's kind of pointless to put up the act but it's fun and –

Right next to his ear, a phone vibrates.

Tsubasa jolts back, tangling himself in the blanket, and gives Hide a scowl.

Hide just smiles, deeply amused. "Hi. I'm home."

Tsubasa yanks the blankets over his head, punctuating the end of all interaction. Unsurprisingly, Hide ignores the hint and rests his chin on Tsubasa's shoulder. Tsubasa shakes out his arm, but Hide's head remains firmly in place.

"It's not like you were sleeping," Hide says.

"You don't know that. I fall asleep fast."

"Do not."

"I used to," Tsubasa amends. He stretches out his back, hoping to dislodge Hide's head in the process (unsuccessful), and sighs. "I haven't slept well since...last month."

"The golden days," Hide says, laughter under his voice.

Tsubasa elbows him in the throat through the blanket.

Hide laughs outright and hauls Tsubasa against his chest with an arm around his waist. Tsubasa puts up a token struggle, but Hide's not playing fair. His fingers keep skimming over ticklish areas, teasing out tiny spasms. He only lets up, practically cackling by this point, when Tsubasa escapes the blanket cocoon and tries to bite off his face.

"Truce, truce," Hide says, grinning.

"The word is 'surrender,'" Tsubasa tells him.

Hide ignores him, weaseling one arm inside the knot of blankets and palming Tsubasa's waist with cold fingers. "I'm home," he repeats through a yawn.

"Yeah, yeah," Tsubasa says, touching foreheads. "Welcome home."
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