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The wonder and danger of this magical fandom full of boy bands is that you think you know. You think you have a handle on how talented they are, how funny they are, how weird they are, and you're always, always wrong. You'll never know, because there'll always be something new or something you somehow missed and BAM – new reasons to go, "Oh, them."



Today! We have an episode of Hey Hey Hey! from 4/16/2007, wherein Takki and Tsubasa discuss each other's birthdays (customized shirts, suit dress code, special-purpose bodyguards, etc.), Tsubasa shows photographic evidence of his anal-retentive tendencies, and Takki does magic tricks.



This episode aired in April soon after Takki's birthday, so they started off the discussion with Tsubasa's twenty-fifth birthday back in October. Tsubasa told the audience/hosts that Takki hired two bodyguards to keep Tsubasa from getting hammered at his own birthday party.

Let me repeat that.

Takki hired two bodyguards whose sole responsibility was to make sure Tsubasa enjoyed his birthday party at a reasonable level of sobriety.


According to Takki, the SECURITY POLICE would smack Tsubasa's hand away whenever he'd reach for a drink.

Presumably Takki did this because

1) He wanted to enjoy the party
2) Tsubasa doesn't listen to him

Next, they showed some pictures from Takki's recent twenty-fifth birthday party, which Tsubasa organized.

This first shot was taken during what's probably Takki's annual "I AM ANOTHER YEAR OLDER – LONG LIVE PINK, PRO WRESTLING, AND YAMAPI!" speech:

Tsubasa's expression is fond enough that the hosts felt it necessary to yell, "LOL WATCHING OVER HIM PRETTY CLOSELY AREN'T WE, TSUBASA-KUN."


Oh, I just like when they touch each other.

Moving on!

Tsubasa also reported that they rode the subway together. O__O!!! ...He was really excited about it. XD

While, I should mention, wearing customized T-shirts.

To no one's surprise, Tsubasa's is black and Takki's has a literal dash of pink.

Aaand in case you thought they would button their jackets and pretend not to be them,

Tsubasa mentioned they had staff with them. Which...one would assume, unless they brought a tripod with them onto the subway. ... Which, to be honest, I would not put past them.

Next topic is Tsubasa's ah. Organization skills.

For example, his refrigerator:

Normally I would call bullshit on this one and assume Tsubasa's trolling but he's so earnest about his refrigerator, guys.

The hosts are like, "..."

And Tsubasa, oblivious, says, "It gives you a warm feeling to see, doesn't it?"

One of the hosts goes, "'It gives you a warm feeling,' he says," with the most hilarious look of sarcastic judgment ever.

Next is his bathroom:

The hosts are like, "...the fuck is that."

And Tsubasa's like, "Those are toilet paper rolls and boxed tissues." :)!

Then Tsubasa shows a small picture of how he organizes his remotes from largest to smallest:

Aaaand so the host is like, "Do you organize your clothes, too?"

Of course he does, dude.

For example, shirts. He organizes those by short sleeve, 3/4-sleeve, and long-sleeve.

Takki is not as into organization as his partner.

This is, I'm assuming, why Takki doesn't often get invited over to Tsubasa's obsessive-compulsive palace of cleanliness and carefully-categorized joy.

Tsubasa, everyone. XD I like the weird ones best.

NEXT! Are Takki's magic tricks. I wanted to cap these but they're way more fun to watch because they're very cool. I'd actually never seen them before, and they really caught me off-guard.

I will, however, show you their title card for Takki's mini magic show:

Heyx3, I love you. XD

Another fun note: Takki does three magic tricks and both the hosts and the audience are all, "EEEHHH" and "UWAAA" over every one. Meanwhile, Tsubasa looks like someone who's seen this shit two hundred thousand and twelve times and instead of paying attention, he's daydreaming about the future when he'll live on an olive farm in Spain (...that actually happened, by the way).

When Takki's finished and putting his props away, the hosts are like, "Tsubasa, have you seen these tricks before?"

And he's like, "Yeah, he did some of that during the tour but honestly, I'm not interested."

Basically, Tsubasa finds the following interesting:

1) Organized bottled water
2) Organized toilet paper
3) Not your magic bullshit

Aaand then they cut to the X~Dame performance. :D

Also, Takki's twenty-fifth birthday was on a Thursday, which is when Yoko and Hina air Recomen, so they called up Takki to wish him a happy birthday.

He and Tsubasa are druuuunk~

When Tsubasa gets on the phone, he slurs so hard. "だ~だ~誰?"

Yoko and Hina laugh, then Hina says, "It's Murakami!"

"Ah! Murakami-kun?"

"And Yokoyama Yu!"

"Ah, Yoko-chan, ne!" (Yoko-chan! N'awwww! I want to see those two interact more!)

Immediately, Hina's like, "SO WE'RE ON THE AIR," and Tsubasa goes, "Oh, doumo doumo, good evening," in the universal I AM NOT DRUNK voice. And then he's like, "Ooh, guess what! :D It's my aikata-kun's twenty-fifth birthday!" (I have developed a thing for them calling each other "partner." So cute.) And he talks about how they have a suits dress code for Takki's party – which is actually kind of a running theme for the parties they hold for each other. Theyyy possibly have some of the same kinks as well as the same taste in food. And then Tsubasa talks about how he visited Takki's mother and recorded a birthday message from her to Takki. Aaand that they rode the subway together. I swear, this is all the span of like, fifteen seconds. XD And he keeps giggling. It's really adorable. XD

Then Hina's like, "Could you put Takki on the phone?" so Tsubasa says, "Sure~ HIDEEE!"

And then Takki's like, "CAN WE TALK LATER? I CAN'T HEAR YOU. LET'S TALK LATER," while dudes are chanting his name in the background. XDDD Yoko's so persistent, though! He's like, "TAKKI! TAKKI!" while Hina and Takki are doing the, "I'll call you later okay?" "Okay!" exchange. Yoko ilu. XD

Really cute call.

So, yes. Always new cute things waiting for you in this fandom. :D

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