Apr. 11th, 2011

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Status Update, in the style of haiku:

Osaka morning
Breakfast with some doujinshi
Tangerines and tea

Oh, and speaking of doujinshi (as we should, and frequently), I made a friend at the doujinshi store last week. :D

I was wandering the aisles perusing the various tomes of wisdom and porn when I had the unmistakable feeling that Someone Was Watching Me. At first I ignored it because that feeling happens to be very common for a foreigner in a Japanese doujinshi store who is both 1) printer-paper-colored and 2) singing a Tackey and Tsubasa song about penii to herself.

Somewhere between the Saiyuki and GetBackers sections, however, curiosity won out over nonchalance, and I looked up and around and lo! The wide-eyed cashier's giddy grin of disbelief caught my eye. I did the natural thing and waved, and the cashier, once she was sure no one would see her waving at the imaginary foreigner, beamed and waved back.

Bolstered by this encouraging exchange, I resumed my shopping with high spirits.

We talked only briefly at the check-out counter after she had handed me the bag of my newly purchased awesome, and while the conversation itself was not the stuff of legends, I promised to return, and she made it known to me that such an event would be most welcome.

I did not find out her name, but until such information is offered, I will know her only by the name I have imagined for her: Really Cheerful Doujinshi Cashier Lady Person. ♥

The End.

Oh, and!

I have a PLAN.

The PLAN is this:

I've got five fics in progress at the moment, so to keep myself focused, I'm going to post an excerpt of one every Monday until I've finished all five.

That is the PLAN.

*jazz hands* :D

The first excerpt is from the fic I'll probably finish first, just because I've had it written in my head for some small amount of time (three years), and if I don't finish it soon, the Someone to whom I promised this fic will be rightfully displeased with me (and then have me sentenced to death by [livejournal.com profile] fuyukoi-poking). So, VOILA:

Monday Excerpt the First )

And now, for fun, a MEME:

Give me a character (or characters) from any fandom I know at least fairly well*, and I will tell you:

B) The runner up
C) The anti-ship
D) My unpopular/fannish opinion on said character
E) One person he/she never fell in love with, and why.

*Fandoms include: Johnny's Entertainment, Glee, Dead Like Me, Junjou Romantica, Harry Potter, Final Fantasy XIII, Saiyuki, Gundam Wing, Hana Yori Dango, Queer as Folk, and MUCH MUCH MORE.



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