Sep. 6th, 2011

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Day One: Rank the members based on one (or more, if you like) of the  following criteria: eyes, ass, hands, mouth, feet, forehead. Use of visual aids is encouraged.
Day Two: What is your favorite: solo song, unit song, song in general?
Day Three: What rumor do you hope/believe is true?
Day Four: If you read fic, recommend a fic! If you don’t, link to a favorite fanvid/post a favorite gif/picture.
Day Five: What units would you like to see (that we haven’t seen before)? Give a top three.
Day Six: A member of another Johnny’s group joins Kanjani8 for a month. Who would you want it to be and why?
Day Seven: What do you think is each member’s best/hottest hairstyle? Use of visual aids is, again, encouraged.
Day Eight: If you could go back in time and see any concert (that there exists a DVD of), which one would you attend and why?

- Day Two -

Solo Song: So I know "Mr. Traveling Man" is a TOKIO song and Subaru only covered it but ngk. After that, "Ruwa." And after that, "Watashi Kagami." And after those, all of Yoko's solos. XD It just sounds like Yoko has a lot of fun with his solos, so they're fun to listen to. And then "Forward" because I don't know. XD It's a soccer term. I have a soft spot for soccer. ([ profile] acchikocchi is aware of this, I think. XD)

Unit Song: Naniwa Iroha Bushi. I think this is always going to be my favorite song of theirs. At first it was because it's an incredible song but now there's all kinds of nostalgia tied to it, too, so it'll be my favorite for both musical and sentimental reasons. And, dude, the PV. XD Uchi's in it, first of all, which makes it automatically hearty. Then there's other stuff like the lolzy costumes and the severe low budget and the CG and the dancing and it's such a terrible PV, but they made it work somehow. By being hot, and by being awesome Kansai boys. *fist pump*

ETA: Unit as in Duet/Collaboration/etc: ONE. Because ONE. SubaruBAND, guh.

Song: Naniwa, but Monogram is a close second. *_____* I can't explain what I love so much about Monogram except that it feels so happy and all-encompassing. Plus it's fun to sing. :D


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