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Good morning, lovely people! :D

After ten minutes of deliberation, I've decided to do Something Stupid. :D

I'm going to fill all of the Smut Meme prompts.

I figure since this is the first year in...maybe five years? that I won't be doing Yuletide, and with hols finished, I really don't have any writing obligations (other than fic for [livejournal.com profile] spurious for being my kind and diligent Fic Index Overlord and a ficlet for [livejournal.com profile] ohmiya_sg for subbing Things That Are of the Magic), it's not an entirely insane goal. Porn is fun to write, and I've always looked back on the first Smut Meme with a kind of, Aww, if I'd filled them all that would have been marvelous.

So I'm gonna do it for this one. :D

I'll leave prompting open for another twenty-four hours, and then whatever number I have tomorrow morning will be the number of fills I'll be aiming to finish. I'm not putting a deadline on this because exchanges gave me enough stress XD but I might probably have [livejournal.com profile] spurious and [livejournal.com profile] fuyukoi stabbing me in the face occasionally to finish it, so it'll get done.

On a separate note, Russia is preparing to pass a bill that would "make it illegal for any person to write a book, publish an article or speak in public about being gay, lesbian or transgender." I signed this petition nine hours ago when the number of signatures was 25,000~ and it's already reached 80,400~ as I'm typing this. Please not only sign this but spread the news, too. (And now that I've finished the post, it's at 81,500~.)

...Porn and social justice in one post. .........Hm. I feel like this isn't quite random enough.

Hey, look, That Guy with the Glasses reviewing the new Twilight helicopter crash! :D

And also, gorgeous Fight for the Eight icons. That's Subaru in eyeliner. (:DDDDDDD)

Aaaand Takki and Tsubasa drinking champagne in bed.

The shot where Takki actually gets to sit on the bed with Tsubasa must be in Takki's wallet.

Happy Tuesday, everyone! :D

ETA: Juuust to clarify! Smut Meme will close on 11/23, 9:30AM Japan time.
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Since most of my fics are turning Long and I'm not allowed to do memes until I finish hols, I figured out something else I can regularly post. :D



"According to Tsubasa, he was told to come to the Tokyo Dome for an interview for a magazine, but it was actually his birthday party. When he entered the Dome, there was a message saying 'Happy Birthday' on the screen, and Takizawa, the staff, and other friends showed up in baseball uniforms. It was a secret baseball game for Tsubasa, and Takizawa reserved the Tokyo Dome just to play the baseball game.

"Takizawa said, 'It was for him (Tsubasa) because he loves baseball, and I wanted to make it big since this is the last year of his 20s.'

"Tsubasa answered, 'He (Takizawa) is my treasure. I want to keep showing us off as a love-love couple.'"

- Tokyo Hive

- A clip containing several takes on the Epic Hug from last year's Matsuri tour, plus Tsubasa announcing to the world that Takki's his treasure ♥
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1) I saw this meme:

Put your audio player software on random. Post the title of the first twenty-five songs that come up. Append "in my pants"to the end of each title.

And so I put all my Johnnys music into a playlist and this is what I got:

1. Eden in My Pants (Kanjani8)
2. Oriental Surfer in My Pants (Kanjani8)
3. Heat is on in My Pants (Kanjani8)
4. BOY in My Pants (Kanjani8)
5. Hoshi wo Mezashite (Reach for the Stars) in my Pants (NEWS) - I have decided that Ryo has used this as a pick-up line at least once before.
6. Wonderful World!! in My Pants...!! (Kanjani8) - I have decided that Subaru used this as a pick-up line on someone in Kanjani8 last Thursday.
7. Solitude in My Pants (Imai Tsubasa) - ...Takki, you're needed in Tsubasa's pants.
8. High TEN! in My Pants (NEWS)
9. RUN FOR YOU in My Pants (KAT-TUN)
10. Train in the rain in My Pants (Kanjani8)
11. Luv the Shangri-la in My Pants (Tackey & Tsubasa)
12. morning light in My Pants (Arashi)
13. Ho! Summer in My Pants (Tackey & Tsubasa)
14. BACK OFF in My Pants! (Kanjani8)
15. Yume Monogatari (Dream Story) in My Pants (Tackey & Tsubasa)
16. NEVER x OVER in My Pants (KAT-TUN) - RUNNER UP
17. Baby Baby in My Pants (Kanjani8)
18. Realize in My Pants (Kanjani8)
19. Keep the faith in My Pants (KAT-TUN) - THIRD PRIZE
20. Love Rainbow in My Pants (Arashi)
21. One Day in Winter in My Pants (Kanjani8)
22. Speedy Wonder in My Pants (Kanjani8) - FIRST PRIZE
23. Billions of You in My Pants (Tackey & Tsubasa) - SECOND PRIZE
24. Why? in My Pants (NEWS)
25. Truth in My Pants (Arashi) - MISS CONGENIALITY


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26,643 WORDS.





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Gooood morning, everyone! I'm on the homestretch of finishing one of my fics for [livejournal.com profile] help_japan, so I put together some victory music for myself to celebrate and am posting to share some happy-making music. :D

Behold the Happy! )

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Everyone lives in a dream.

Her dream is not like your dream.

Your dream could be her nightmare.

It doesn't matter what people see.

Your dream is your home.

Write in your voice.

Trust it. It comes from the darkest, most beautiful part of yourself. Where you are you. Not a name or a sex or a profession. Just you.

Most of all, remember the need to write.

We all forget sometimes.

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Earlier today, I stumbled on a section about Osaka in the book I'm reading (Travelers' Tales: Japan). Because of Kanjani∞, I've become interested in this city whose appeal is so strong that they've dedicated more than three of their singles to its glory. So I was surprised when the reviews I got from people who'd been to Osaka didn't have the same flamboyant enthusiasm. My Japanese calligraphy teacher had the most eloquent reaction when I told her I want to visit Osaka someday:

"EHH? ... NANDE?"

At the time, I didn't have a good answer to that. ("I like their men," though true, doesn't have quite the educated ring to it that I was hoping for.)

So I decided to do more research and found that the vast wealth of printed knowledge about Japan is cut largely in Tokyo's favor. Fortunately, all I could find said pretty much the same thing anyway: Osaka is an ugly city, but it has a rich personality. That's the kind of thing you read and wince. "Nice personality," after all, is universal for "let's stay friends." Still, I couldn't believe that Kanjani∞ of all people would put up with living in a bland, ugly city unless it had something else to its name.

What I read in the following excerpt drew a second conclusion that resparked my interest: Osaka has its rich personality because it's ugly.

Osaka is an independent city with natives to match. While contractors and investors beautified Tokyo, Osakans dug in their heels to keep their city exactly the same. And from that, they held onto the historic character that defines them today.

This is only what I've come to understand after reading a few books and the testimonials of pop stars. I hope to write a more personal account someday after visiting or even living there myself.

Until then, enjoy the writing of someone who has been there!

Osaka: Bumpers and Runners )
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[A college campus. Kya says tearful goodbyes to her classes.]



You're done!


Be free!


Until... )
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♥ Just saw my actors in Kate Crackernuts! I'm so proud of them. ♥♥♥! And the show itself is fantastic. I'm in love. Completely. The Sheep's speech at the end -- I'm sorry I can't remember it now -- it unlocked something in my heart. (Yes. Sheep. Baaaah. That kind. Seriously. XDDD)

I've been so afraid of this play )

♥ I saw David and Jake after the show, and I hugged them both and I told them I'm proud of them and they'll always be my actors to me. I love those boys. My genius actors. *BEAMS*

JE Epilogue Meme. I don't usually ask to be cheered up, but I think I could stand to do it more often. ♥

♥ Classes are finished! And still this is the busiest week imaginable. O__o Someone explain this to me, please. On the upside, my End-of-Semester massage got moved to tomorrow, so I had a full hour to write Yoko/Hina/Subaru and Subassan. ♥ :D

♥ I have to mention this because I watched it last night and I'm still rolling 47 spoiler )

♥ Overall, am sleepy, but I'm happy. &hearts♥♥

Today's Hot Moment!

Yasu: Oyahou gozaimasu!
Subaru: ...That is not where I left you.



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