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So! T&T've released their new single and recently they've been making rounds to promote it on every single variety show in Japan. Yesterday they appeared on Sukiri for about six minutes, and for most of it they're all professional and mild.

Tsubasa: Ngk. Tired.
Takki: I don't remember what pillows feel like.

I was all prepared to cut it short and go on to #394 of the 91,344,000 appearances they've done in the last week when I heard Takki burst out cackling.

The moment Tsubasa starts talking about him, Takki's face goes from:


Then the host decides to make the fans happy:

Host: Do you like Takki? (好き)

Tsubasa: I love him. (大好き)
Host: And Takki, do you like Tsubasa-kun?
Takki: I love him! (大好き!)
Everyone: *laughter*
Tsubasa: He's in love with me. ( しています)

As [livejournal.com profile] fuyukoi put it, "Seriously, I feel like I'd be doing a disservice to Tsubasa if I didn't ship them."
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Since most of my fics are turning Long and I'm not allowed to do memes until I finish hols, I figured out something else I can regularly post. :D



"According to Tsubasa, he was told to come to the Tokyo Dome for an interview for a magazine, but it was actually his birthday party. When he entered the Dome, there was a message saying 'Happy Birthday' on the screen, and Takizawa, the staff, and other friends showed up in baseball uniforms. It was a secret baseball game for Tsubasa, and Takizawa reserved the Tokyo Dome just to play the baseball game.

"Takizawa said, 'It was for him (Tsubasa) because he loves baseball, and I wanted to make it big since this is the last year of his 20s.'

"Tsubasa answered, 'He (Takizawa) is my treasure. I want to keep showing us off as a love-love couple.'"

- Tokyo Hive

- A clip containing several takes on the Epic Hug from last year's Matsuri tour, plus Tsubasa announcing to the world that Takki's his treasure ♥
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Here is what Takki did for Tsubasa's birthday this year:

He rented a private room for the two of them at a Chinese restaurant. Then they took a limousine to the party venue. On the way, they drank champagne and watched their own PVs on the interior monitor. At the party, Takki took around three hundred photos and then presented everyone with a birthday video he stayed up until five in the morning making. Also, he gave Tsubasa a 40-inch, 3D TV screen.

Also also, Tsubasa said that one day recently he and Takki woke up at seven and had breakfast together at the fish market. And then possibly spent the rest of the day together also. I missed the part when he talked about it. *waits for radio transcript*

Also also also, there is a small picture in December's Myojo of Takki at one of their cons swinging Tsubasa around in a circle by his ankles. And Tsubasa's reaction to this seems to be basically, "lol, whee."

Dear boys,

Be cuter. Just try.

The Universe

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Okay, so I'm an unabashed romantic. Most of my favorite stories revolve around or else contain romance, and most of my writing reflects that. Just now, I finished rewatching Paradise Kiss for the first time since I saw it in theaters and oh, guys, the ending.

Spoilers )

Gorgeous movie. I recommend it. ♥


Oct. 24th, 2011 03:42 pm
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I don't remember being aware of homosexuality when I was a kid. People around me discussed it, I'm sure, but I didn't notice. There are homosexual members of my family, but they were never openly referred to as gay, so I didn't notice their lack of wives or husbands. I was raised Catholic and attended Catholic school, but the only people there who even hinted at homosexuality were my peers and I who would would go, "Eewww," if a boy so much as looked at another boy too long. On the other hand, we also did that when girls looked at boys and boys looked at girls. I'm sure there were plenty of other markers, and I'm sure my classmates made more noise about it than I remember, but I either didn't notice or I've since forgotten. I was preoccupied with filling plastic egg cartons with mud and picking the marshmallows out of my Lucky Charms.

When I did become more aware of homosexuality, I didn't think it was something that applied to me personally. When I was around ten or eleven it was because Homosexuality was Wrong. Then, after I started reading slash fanfiction around the age of twelve and gradually turned away from that line of thinking, it was because I liked boys a lot, and I figured that if I liked girls too, I would notice. Besides, I wasn't particularly self-aware when I was a teenager; at my worst, I had a tendency to brood and possessed a borderline caustic sense of humor. I didn't do a lot of self-reflection, and my interests were mostly male-populated (boy bands, mostly-male-dominated TV shows and movies, etc.).

It wasn't until college, when I was on my own and utterly apart from all the people I'd grown up with and used to identify myself, that I started to relax.

And when I did, I realized I'd always liked both girls and boys. But... )
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For me, the person who's made this easiest to embrace is Koyama.

His love for NEWS has always been this wonderful constant, but it's never been more comforting than it is now. I trust him to create and protect an optimistic atmosphere within NEWS. ♥

I'm still sad and I'm sure it'll really hit home the first time I see NEWS perform without Ryo and Yamapi, but NEWS is still here, and that makes me incredibly happy.

I think they'll be fine.

Randomly, in case anyone wants a boost for whatever reason, try this happy, bouncy song by Owl City. I've been bouncing around to it for the last ten minutes. XD
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Image spam!

(*hums Can't Touch This*)

All of the following were collected from various sites on tumblr, but mostly from Sex Is Not the Enemy, one of my favorite places on the internet.

Today's theme:

Never apologize for showing feeling. When you do so, you apologize for the truth.  -Benjamin Disraeli
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♥ Just saw my actors in Kate Crackernuts! I'm so proud of them. ♥♥♥! And the show itself is fantastic. I'm in love. Completely. The Sheep's speech at the end -- I'm sorry I can't remember it now -- it unlocked something in my heart. (Yes. Sheep. Baaaah. That kind. Seriously. XDDD)

I've been so afraid of this play )

♥ I saw David and Jake after the show, and I hugged them both and I told them I'm proud of them and they'll always be my actors to me. I love those boys. My genius actors. *BEAMS*

JE Epilogue Meme. I don't usually ask to be cheered up, but I think I could stand to do it more often. ♥

♥ Classes are finished! And still this is the busiest week imaginable. O__o Someone explain this to me, please. On the upside, my End-of-Semester massage got moved to tomorrow, so I had a full hour to write Yoko/Hina/Subaru and Subassan. ♥ :D

♥ I have to mention this because I watched it last night and I'm still rolling 47 spoiler )

♥ Overall, am sleepy, but I'm happy. &hearts♥♥

Today's Hot Moment!

Yasu: Oyahou gozaimasu!
Subaru: ...That is not where I left you.



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